Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Canada Day 150 Bonne Fête du Canada

Hello my fellow Canadians and visitors from all over the world,

My friend, Brenda, asked if I could have a Canada Day card class. She needed four cards for the big day, July 1st. Was I up for the challenge? Heck yes, I was. This year we celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. I am incredibly proud, grateful and honoured to be a Canadian. What better way to celebrate than a card class?

In order to come up with some card ideas, I reflected on some of things that make Canada, Canadian. In addition, I wanted these cards work together and coordinate, as a set. Each of the following cards are my own design.

The first card came easily...I live on Vancouver Island so I wanted something beachy, plus a nod to Canada's many lakes and our motto, "A Mari Usque Ad Mare..." From Sea to Sea. And I simply LOVE the new Muskoka (Adirondack) chair die. I was thinking of the Canadian flag for the second card. However, I wanted something a little different rather than "just a flag" and I wanted to emphasize the 150 years. By the time I reached the third card, I was a little punchy and my silly side started to leak out. I simply had to include the proud and noble beaver on a card, eh? And then I ran out of gas. I came up with a few ideas for the fourth card but none of them felt right. Eventually I gave up and went to bed. (Those of you who follow me know my history of procrastination. Yes, the first three cards were created the day/night before the class) On the afternoon of the class, thankfully an evening class, I finally decided on the fourth. I wanted something to reflect Canada's welcoming attitude (the doors) and our kindness. Done!

I decorated for the occasion and we had way too much fun. Even the dog and one of the cats got in on the action.
Card 1 - From Sea to Sea

 Card 2 - The Big 150

Card 3 - Eh?

Card 4 - Open Door Kindness

The Canada Card Class gang. (L to R: Laura, Erica; Brenda. I'm on the floor with Penny puppy. Meshka, pictured separately is looking none to pleased about her party hat. She is probably the most tolerant kitty I've ever know.)

I will post more details on how the cards were create by the end of the week. In the meantime, if you want the recipes for any of these cards, let me know. Happy early Canada Day!!!

Until next time,

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